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When I wrote Block, Dodge, Parry, I didn’t quite know what to do with rules for polymorphing, transformation, and the like. Now, just after the 1st anniversary of Block, Dodge, Parry, something ‘clicked’ for me and I think I found a way to have fun transformations that gel well with the base game and match with the existing systems and resources. 

Like Block, Dodge, Parry itself, this is a toolbox. It’s usable with Cairn as well, though it does require the use of Magic Dice/GLOG Magic. The focus of toolboxes like this is to provide ideas and inspiration for you to make it your own!

This toolbox includes:

  • A system to link Magic Dice to interesting, useful and/or grotesque transformations.
  • 27 Traits to choose from, allowing you to breathe fire, take to the skies, camouflage into your surroundings or sneak through the tiniest openings.
  • 37 example creatures to fire up your own imagination.
  • A system for players to learn new Traits under teachers and trainers, or observe animals in the wild to assume their form.

This document contains 7 pages and art by Evlyn Moreau.

Just like Block, Dodge, Parry, I aim to support my products after release with improvements, tweaks, and additions. The price of this product might increase in the future to reflect the additional time, love, and effort invested into it.

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